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Discipline Series

NOTHING. But I didn ’ t see that at first. So I kept at it and kept at it. And paren ting wore me down and drained me. It was not that much fun or enjoyable. I found my self in endless power struggles with my kids, particularly my oldest son. The light-bulb moment Eventually, with the help of my dear friend and mentor Dr. Shefali, I was able to understand consequences (and thus discipline) in a completely new way. W hen we give un-natural consequences to our kids, it takes their focus away from wh at they are doing and places it outside of them and onto the reward or punishment. Now, in stead of really focusing on their...

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Blog Contributors

  Exciting news! We are now booking blog contributors! Bear with us- it’s new and we’re still working out all the details BUT this is going to be huge! Are you a mom blogger, have your own blog, aspiring to start one or just enjoy writing about mom topics, newborn life, shop review, baby activities such as a fun craft or sensory activity, or even maybe a week night recipe? We’re looking for you! This can help send new readers to your existing blog or help you start a platform if you haven’t already!  Content we are looking for: • Your unique parenting experiences, parenting hacks, relatable stories, crafts, trending topics, recipes and more.  Submission:  • Include your name and...

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